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The transplantation laboratory is a specialized laboratory for the organ transplantation process. The testing program can include HLA-DNA typing, antibody testing, complement testing, lymphocytotoxic testing, virus testing and drug concentration testing.

The overall solution of transplantation laboratory is to design a laboratory that meets the needs of customers according to the projects they need to test in the short and long term, combined with the existing terrain. This includes, site view, laboratory design drawings, material configuration, material procurement, equipment installation, experimental training, technical follow-up and a series of comprehensive services.

Transplant laboratory Overall Solution

Testing items

Outpatient / InpatientProjectsMethodology / ClassificationHLA-DNA typingSSPSSOPRA antibody screeningLATLABScreen MixedLABScreen PRADSA-specific antibody testLABScreen SingleVirus DetectionBKCMVDonor/surgeryProjectsMethodology / ClassificationHLA-DNA typingSSPSSOComplement testingC1qLymphocytotoxic assayCDCVirus DetectionBKCMVInpatient follow-upProjectsMethodology / ClassificationTDM blood drug concentration testFK506RAPACsADSA-specific antibody testLABScreen SingleVirus DetectionBKCMV

Laboratory construction process

01Project selection and quote confirmation◉ Customer selects tests according to their needsTable of Contents◉ The customer determines the detection method, such as the itemProject implementation location requirements, etc.◉ Generating base overall material offer02Site confirmation and project compounding◉ Depending on actual site conditions, testingProject and customer-specific requirements generationBasic experimental site requirements drawings◉ Composite testing items according to the actual siteItem, to ensure compliance with the requirements03Contract and Site Construction◉ Signing a total solution for the transplantation laboratoryProgram contract letter◉ With detailed equipment and tools material inventoryBill of materials, and consumables◉ Site construction◉ Whether to send a lab technician, if neededTo, enter into an agreement on the amount of reagents used04Material entry experiments are carried out◉ Admission of equipment and consumables◉ Entrance of stationed experimenters (optional)◉ Laboratory materials and SOP submissions◉ Experimental operation training◉ Experiments are carried out normally